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Low temperature brine unit - details

The Screw brine unit used in the Hangzhou Bay in Zhejiang Shangyu Chemical Industry Park, the use of units Zhejiang Zhongxin Pharmaceutical and Chemical Co., Ltd., is a product transformation and upgrading, the previously used 90 units are split refrigeration units, compressorsseparation and motor. Fatal drawback of this model is that the compressor seals easy to leak, repair trouble, high costs, and not completely solve the leak problem, running for a period of time you need to add refrigerant, potentially increasing maintenance costs and labor costs. Beneath due to the aging of the device, cooling efficiency, the electricity costs Over time costs increasing. Based on the above, the company executives after technical analysis, cost estimates, and decided to use my company production of low-temperature brine unit set, the cooling power of 460KW, the minimum water temperature of -35 ℃,this unit replaces a previous old unit, the unit is installed in place After three months of operating costs estimates, our low-temperature brine unit surrendered complete papers. Use side but also saves a lot of running and maintenance costs.

1.Temperature screw brine unit site - Zhejiang Chemical Company

2.Temperature screw brine unit site - Zhejiang Chemical Company

3.Temperature screw brine unit site - Zhejiang Chemical Company

4.Temperature screw brine unit site - Zhejiang Chemical Company