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The screw chillers construction scene - china Dongfang Electric AG

China Dongfang Electric Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Dongfang Electric Group) is one of the central authorities involving national security and national economy of 53 key state-owned enterprises, are SASAC supervision enterprise. Dongfang Electric Group Holdings Dongfang Electric Corporation (H share code: 1072 A share stock code: 600875), China's largest power equipment manufacturing base.

I screw chillers used in vacuum workshop chilled water system expansion and renovation project, the whole pack, turnkey projects. On the basis of the existing chiller, a chiller, both engineers technical communication, I have come up with a detailed technical plan, project schedule, the whole quote. Contains an original unit with new units installed remote control line transformation. 2 units with joint control of the host computer. 3. Joint control of the cooling tower line transformation. Joint control of the cooling water piping transformation 4. Frozen water pipe joint control and transformation. Through layers of screening, the company won the bid for this project, through the efforts of the technical department and the construction sector, the successful completion of the project, delivered. After this project the baptism, the technical department of my company again upgraded to a new level.

1 screw chiller - Dongfang Electrical: vacuum equipment cooling the 0 degree water

2 screw chiller - Dongfang Electrical: vacuum equipment cooling the 0 degree water