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Hangzhou Lauda industry limited company from Germany 's LOUDA has several decades of professional production and development of refrigeration, heating, the temperature control system of history, as the famous European refrigeration, heating temperature control system 's maker, LOUDA always walk in the front-end technology and market, accurate temperature control, excellent operating performance, minimal energy consumption the user can produce high-quality products, to create the most value.

Niki Lauda has decades of experience in production design, product line covers the air-conditioning, dehumidification, cooling, freezing, cryogenic cooling, constant temperature and humidity control system, heating system, heating and cooling temperature control system. Products are widely used in fine chemicals, plastics, electroplating coating, laser welding machines, high-frequency welding machine, medium frequency power supply, artificial leather, wallpaper production line, plasma spraying, vacuum coating, film cooling, photovoltaic industry, CNC machine tool, hydraulic oil cooling, reactor temperature control, milk production lines and dozens of industries, from air conditioning system industrial circulating cooling heating device. Can according to user needs to design the refrigeration capacity of more than 3000 kW cooling / heating temperature control system.

LOUDA is the only one to ensure in -85℃ --+300 ℃temperature range to provide the best of all the working temperature of the company. Lauda 's products are over 30000 global customer service.

Lauda cryogenic ( cascade ) unit can provide users with everfount cooling liquid, the minimum to -120 ℃refrigerant to replace the user of the liquid nitrogen, suitable for the laboratory, fine chemical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Lauda product precision temperature control, temperature fluctuation can be controlled within± 0.1, -120 ~ 300 ℃temperature range. The existing refrigeration or heating technology can make the production process is accelerated, the quantity and quality of the products is improved greatly.

As a highly specialized suppliers, Lauda in multiple emerging industry are in a leading position, in a reaction kettle refining industry, Lauda high-quality products can be used in the mass production Niki Lauda industrial circulation cooling equipment for printing equipment, wallpaper production line, plasma spraying, vacuum coating, waste gas separation recovery, and laser processing equipment to provide economic and reliable cold source. All products are based on customer requirements and the actual data, the engineer's repeated process qualification, production and processing, and user requirements of the production process to achieve the perfect match.

By virtue of continuous learning, research and development, and the numerous innovations, Lauda products are further consolidation in the market of good reputation, continued to expand in the Chinese market and overseas market share.

Lauda 's main products are: air conditioning unit ( 7 ℃ -28 ℃), constant temperature and humidity unit ( 18-28 ℃accuracy of ± 1, humidity DB 40-70%± 5%RH ), chiller ( +5 ℃ - +35 ), low temperature refrigerating unit ( -5-45 ℃), temperature ( cascade refrigeration unit ( -45 )℃ - -120 ℃), cold air unit ( +20 ℃-45- ) cold and hot integrated temperature control unit ( -120 - +300), constant temperature unit ( -120 - +300), quick-cooling heat units ( -45, +300 ℃)

Users to 100% satisfaction is our LOUDA direction and the ultimate goal.