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Chiller water cooling tank

LOUDA water-cooled type box chiller

LOUDA tank-type water-cooled chiller features:

Hermetic scroll compressor with international top brands. And international famous brand refrigeration valves.

Standard high-quality stainless steel multi-stage centrifugal pumps and stainless steel water tank.

The efficient external thread brass shell and tube condenser, to ensure that the the chiller work without the influence of the ambient temperature.

Using international brands Schneider Electric, and imported microcomputer digital thermostat.

Multiple protection devices; to ensure crew perennial stable operation.

The extra-wide chilled water temperature variable range to meet the requirements of different users.

Using ethylene glycol as the secondary refrigerant chilled water temperature can be as low as -10 ℃.

The optional environmental type R407C, R410, R404a, RR134a refrigerant.

Durable stability

    Adopts famous imported refrigeration compressor hermetic compressor, low noise, high efficiency. Coupled with highly efficient heat exchanger copper tube, the imported refrigeration valves and brand-name parts, the chiller durable, stable operation.

Easy to operate

   The day-to-day operation of industrial chillers are concentrated on the body's control panel, operation at a glance. Imported microcomputer digital thermostat set freely, precise control, 5 ~ 20 ℃ cold water.

Efficient and flexible

    The air-cooled industrial chillers do not need to configure the auxiliary cooling tower and pumps; water-cooled industrial chiller is not affected by the ambient temperature, and can continue to provide a stable cold water. Small devices with movable angle round, can be adjusted at the equipment location, and are also available frozen water interface, flexible and convenient.

Safe operation

Industrial Chiller except refrigeration compressor protection devices, comes with air switch, thermal overload protection, refrigeration high and low voltage protection, power supply phase sequence protection, the tank water protection, delay control function and automatic reset run function to ensure that the chiller safe operation

Product Application

The LOUDA series of industrial chillers are widely used in plastics, electronic manufacturing, electroplating, electrophoresis, aluminum oxide, pharmaceutical and chemical, ultrasonic cleaning cooling, printing, leather, vacuum coating, wallpaper, industrial production, can precisely control the modern industrial mechanized production requirements the temperature, thus greatly improving production efficiency and product quality.