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Ultra-low temperature refrigeration units (-35 ℃ ~ -145 ℃)

LOUDA ultra-low temperature freezer

Low temperature LOUDA / ultra-low temperature refrigeration unit is the introduction of German technology, similar products at home and abroad advanced technology and design and development of a new generation of low-temperature / ultra-low temperature refrigeration units, has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, high reliability, and a number of advanced technology application, the technical level of the products reached the international advanced level, the product has been declared national patent.

Second, the main purposes:
The refrigerant units of LOUDA series contains low temperature -30 ℃ ~ -140 ℃ contains refrigerant
LOUDA series compressed low temperature refrigerant condensing units available -35 ℃ ~ -145 ℃
· Wide temperature range:
The maximum refrigerant temperature -35 ° C, the lowest temperature of the refrigerant -145 ℃, to meet the needs of different temperature process
· Wide range of cold
Depending on the use of temperature, the maximum cooling capacity of a single unit -40 ℃ evaporation temperature conditions up to 1100kw
· Variety of refrigerant choice
High-temperature level can be selected in line with China's environmental requirements R22 refrigerant from the energy point of view to consider:
Meet international environmental point of view: the high temperature level optional R404a refrigerant compliance with international environmental requirements
· Variety of imported brand compressor choice
Optimal allocation according to the size of the demand for cooling capacity and the actual use of the temperature from the initial investment point of view of energy saving and conservation semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, semi-hermetic piston two-stage compressor, semi-hermetic screw compressors, the main brand for Germany Bitzer, Copeland, USA, Taiwan Hanbell,

High reliability
Semi-hermetic compressors for the host, not only to improve the efficiency of the compressor running, but also to avoid the open compressor leak problem, reduce service costs add refrigerant and shaft seal replacement and upgrade the product of many years of continuous operation reliability and ease of operation.
· Fully automated control
Using the the Siemens industrial PLC controller, LCD touch screen, fully automatic operation, with auto / manual control, parameter setting and calibration, data logging, fault alarm and records, total running time recording function, can be fully automated control, without expert management .
· Efficient, energy-saving
Cold unit uses a semi-hermetic screw compressor with economizer operation, improve operational efficiency, and low-temperature stage evaporator, condenser selection of imported brands 316L stainless steel plate heat exchanger, electronic expansion valve refrigerant trace precise adjustment to ensure that the unit part load and full load can be energy-efficient to run.
· Convenient energy regulation
The adjustment based on the band energy in the compressor itself, equipped with a dedicated hot-gas bypass can tune the unit (10% to 100%) can be realized steplessly energy regulation.
· Convenient installation and commissioning
Most of the crew assembled at the factory as a whole, and the refrigerant charge by the factory, less than 8h load experiments, to ensure that the user's site is a one-time boot successfully. (The factory is equipped with a dedicated test bench containing refrigerant refrigerant test bench)
· Professional and technical program of energy-saving operation
The freezing technology tailored according to the different needs of the user, for the user, provide professional products suitable for the user. : A multifunctional temperature technology with both -20 ° C ~~ -30 ° C, another -40 ℃ ~ -80 ℃, or both -50 ℃ ~ -80 ℃, from another -90 ℃ to - 120 ° C the temperature of the demand (but not simultaneously), to increase the single-stage cooling to a user, or two-stage cooling to a user function, the full operating cost savings; Another example is often required from room cooled to a low temperature process, the available cascade high temperature level of the unit is first pre-cooled to a set temperature, then switch to the low-temperature system to run full operating cost savings; Another example is the oil and gas recovery, or new wind air treatment to a low temperature, can be pre-cooling and low temperature refrigeration operation mode, initial investment and operating cost savings for the user.


                            Ultra-low temperature freezer cascade design features

Reliable -

- Each refrigeration unit according to the specific requirements of the users of cooling capacity and performance to ensure performance and reliability.

- Selection of imported famous brand compressor, such as Bitzer, Copeland, Siemens, Danfoss, etc.

- Using a single-stage or two-stage compressor

- Using a single-stage, two-stage or cascade refrigeration system

- Using the the pump free built-in differential pressure lubrication system, energy saving, efficient and reliable

- Selection of international famous brands of thermal expansion valve, solenoid valve, check valve, control components, to ensure efficient and reliable units in a wide range of use conditions in the work

- Low temperature conditions with a liquid refrigerant injection system, effectively reducing the work load and the exhaust gas temperature of the critical components and to improve the reliability of the operation of the compressor

- With hot gas bypass, energy regulation and function, and automatic protection to complete (over-voltage, over-temperature, overload, reverse)

- Large-scale systems using open-type screw compressor fewer moving parts, bearing long service life; small and medium-sized system using a single-stage semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors or two-stage screw compressor

- Compressor star delta buck starts at minimum load, which effectively reduces the starting current and the impact on power

- Product after comprehensive testing and full load running test after passing with a refrigerant factory, to ensure that the equipment in water, electric boot can place

Efficient -

- Part of the heat exchanger made of stainless steel plate heat exchanger provides maximum heat transfer area in a compact space

- Screw compressor with economizer, to make the system more efficient - Configure efficient oil separator, oil filtering effect, effectively guarantee the normal work of the compressor and heat exchanger efficiency heat exchanger

- Shunt for fluid way and evaporator heat transfer tubes special arrangement to ensure that the system back to the oil

Controls -

- A new control logic has been developed for the system, using the proven Siemens automation and control systems, the key parameters of the system warning

- A key to boot automatically starts and stops automatically increase or decrease the load

- High-precision large-screen touch screen industrial grade intelligent controller and advanced computer control system, fully digital Chinese Display with external devices, remote users and the control room connected through a standard interface, to achieve the following control functions:

(1) Multiple protection: compressor exhaust overtemperature, motor over-temperature, cold water antifreeze temperature protection: overcurrent, phase loss, the inverse equal electrical protection: refrigerant system high and low pressure, oil level, without water and other very state protection

(2) the above protective function may be provided in the necessary alarm, prompts, recording, retrieval and maintenance management function

(3) Automatic Switcher automatic unattended operation management, scheduled work plan

(4) Multiple password is set, to ensure that the equipment will not cause downtime or damage due to accidental factors

(5) through LAN or INTERNET Internet remote data acquisition, running checks and control, fault diagnosis and management functions

Unit characteristics

Relatively independent - independent refrigeration system design, multi-head units to a minimum of moving parts, reliable operation

- Efficient and economical use of imported-type semi-closed or open a twin-screw compressor, high energy efficiency and reliable operation, long life:

- Grading or stepless energy adjustment can be achieved, control flexibility, energy efficiency easy maintenance

- Compressors are equipped with a patented exhaust eliminator unit low noise operation

- Exhaust port install exhaust check valve prevents rotor reversal downtime

- Can adjust flexible design allows the unit to 25% -100% continuous power adjustment (stepless adjustable), compressor performance full play to help users maximize the operating cost savings

- Condenser: water-cooled condenser cleaning with an outer diameter of 19mm enhanced heat transfer tube (inner fins Rib) Expansion to the tube plates, water side design pressure of 10bar fluorine side design pressure 25bar , and is equipped with a safety valve to ensure the safety of equipment.

- Evaporator: dry-type direct expansion evaporator, fluorine strengthen the flow of heat exchange tubes inside of the water side design pressure 10bar; fluorine side design pressure 25bar. Outsourcing the evaporator 40-60mm thick, soft closed cell sponge rubber insulation materials, to effectively prevent the heat transfer of the evaporator and the room outside air, and reduces the energy loss.

- Condensate evaporator: the dry direct expansion evaporator, the cold side to strengthen the flow of heat exchange tubes inside of the design pressure of 16bar, the hot side of the shell, the design pressure of 25bar. Shell outsourcing 40mm thick, soft closed cell sponge rubber insulation material, to effectively prevent the heat transfer with the outside air, and to reduce the energy loss.

- Oil separation: a centrifugal spiral secondary oil separator, and further separating the refrigerating oil in the exhaust gas and improve the reliability of the equipment and the effect of heat transfer, and to enhance the efficiency.

- Electrical control: the unit start-up and control all components are installed by the factory wiring in the electrical control box, and complete functional testing. Electrical control include: touch screen, Siemens PLC controller, main contactor, molded case circuit breakers. The equipment individually with emergency stop device, to ensure the safety of the operating personnel.

- Water flow switch: equipment factory is equipped with two target type flow switch, with the cooling water and chilled water piping to ensure automatic shutdown of equipment without water or water shortage.


Pharmaceuticals: synthesis, hydrolysis, esterification, etherification, etc. need to be a temperature controlled process, the cryogenic cooling of the heat of reaction, crystallization and condensation process, the condensation of volatile steam, high vacuum distillation process, the glass coating, the manufacture of composite glass, rubber, pulverized The temperature control of the process is required.

Chemical: purification of the gas liquefaction, crystallization and purification flavor, rubber grinding, oil and gas cryogenic recovery

Food: cold storage metal processing: low-temperature quenching

The electronic: Parts environmental test

The Aerospace: Parts environmental test

Traffic: refrigeration tunnel

Prominent features

The unique logic control program, run more smoothly, more reliable quality

Using the most advanced technology of oil return, oil return, no cold attenuation

Operating space, conducive to safeguarding