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Reactor temperature control unit


LOUDA reactor temperature control solutions

LOUDA can be designed according to
 customer demand for a particular power and special features of the heating / cooling system, particularly evident in the industrial-grade heating and cooling thermostat system, in most cases our professional engineers to design special programs

Louda hot and cold one reactor dedicated - Process thermostats new closed system design, is mainly used in the field process experiments and professional production process liquid temperature control system. Heating, refrigeration range temperature control, temperature control response speed, friendly interface has obvious advantages. A requirement to rapid temperature changes, and can play a significant role in the rapid reaction time experiment. In the chemical and pharmaceutical research areas, this device is used for the enamel, glass or metal reactor temperature control. In the chemical polymerization reaction and the field of biotechnology, it is also often synthesizer, to provide temperature control of the bioreactor and the fermentation tank.

 LOUDA reactor dedicated - Process thermostats use
Temperature range: -90 ~ 300 ℃,
Temperature control accuracy: ± 0.05 ℃ ~ 1 ℃
Heating power: 3.5 to 10.4KW variety of optional specifications
The cold output: 1.5 to 18.5KW variety of optional specifications
Pump pressure: 2.9 bar ~ 5.8Bar
Pump Flow: 45L/min ~ 90L/min

LOUDA reactor dedicated - Process thermostats technical characteristics
LOUDA heating / refrigeration power, fast temperature changes
Maximum cooling power up to 18.5KW, maximum heating power 30KW

Maximum output pressure 5.8bar, 90L/min flow rate to ensure that the effective heat exchange process
Large-screen LCD real-time multi-parameter display remote controller
Program liters / cooling,
Eight-speed circulating smart pressure pump and suction pump
The adjustable pressure control system to protect the pressure-sensitive glass container security Temperature
Without frequent replacement of the liquid medium
RS232/485 data interface, modular design, provide various ancillary signal interface
Operation and design of compact, user-friendly, easy maintenance and simple

LOUDA the reaction kettle dedicated - the main features of the Process thermostats:

1.LOUDA is the only company in the field of liquid thermostat provides professional manufacturer of laboratory and industrial levels, up to 50 years of professional experience in the design, is only able to provide users with a small test, pilot and industrial production full liquid thermostat solutions professional manufacturers;
2 .. mainly used in LOUDA series petrochemical and bio-pharmaceutical-site process experiments and laboratory test experimental fast temperature control, can provide a wider temperature range of -90 ~ 300 ℃, and more powerful cooling heating power, the series provides more strong high-pressure pump, maximum pressure and flow rate of up to 5.8bar and 90L/min, the can guarantee the distant transmission distance of the best heat transfer process. Due to the rapid development of the field of chemical synthesis and biosynthesis, its temperature control requirements become more stringent, and the launch of the series and its follow-up series to meet the use requirements of such users;
3. LOUDA series is the most compact in the same type of products;
Unique control interface once again confirms LOUDA aim, easy to operate, clarity of information, all the the experimental reaction process at a glance on the large-screen LCD, the interface is once again praised by the majority of users;
Degree of automation equipment greatly reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, improve experimental security equipment information by embedded intelligent systems unified control;
6. Using the latest proportion smart cooling technology, effective energy saving of 70%, effective noise control equipment, greatly extending the life of the equipment;
7. Device control and device information can be controlled by the central software centralized control, can simultaneously control up to 64 sets of reactor
Easy operation interface, reducing the requirements for the operator, the unique design of the system, effectively reducing the cost of the product;
9. Comply with the latest European safety standards DIN EN 61010-1 Standard, minimum 25 K;

10.LOUDA new units unit uses a high-temperature compressor and a cryogenic compressor, water temperature above 0 ℃, using a high-temperature compressor below 0 ℃ automatically convert the low-temperature operation of the compressor, the temperature at -45 ° C - +25 ℃ range can be arbitrarily set. The unit trapezoid cool and that is to use the factory set temperature, cooling time and the need to reach the unit according to the manufacturer's choice, to calculate good cooling rate, the unit automatically run within a set time uniform products dropped desired temperature.