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Constant temperature and pressure chillers

1. Unit functions

1. constant temperature and pressure chiller control system by Lauda company independent research and development, the professional alignment semiconductor chip manufacturing industry, the main chip production equipment cooling water supply

2.Constant pressure water supply unit can automatically 24 hours to maintain a constant pressure, and in accordance with the pressure signal to automatically adjust the water pressure, constant pressure stepless adjustment of pressure, water supply, water supply is maintained at a constant temperature.
3.Smooth water pressure, reduce the impact of motor pumps, to extend the service life of the motor and pump, to avoid the traditional water supply water hammer phenomenon. Constant pressure water supply protection a full-featured, reliable operation, undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating protection function
4.System configuration to achieve automatic regular water supply, completely unattended automatic water supply, PLC programming, color touch-screen control system has a fault alarm and display functions, and work-conversion, emergency water supply.
5. System in accordance with the changes of the water users to adjust the pump speed, the pump always work in an efficient District crew into hibernation when the system is zero flow when the pump is stopped, work only traffic increases, energy-saving effect is obvious, than the constant the speed pump saving 23% -55%
6. Constant pressure water supply equipment is not set up to the roof of the pool, not only reduces the cost of the building, but also overcome the secondary pollution of water sources.

7. Equipment package combination of a tank shell, beautiful appearance, installation is very convenient, less area.
The equipment is fully automatic control, the operator simply start and stop equipment, users can achieve the desired conditions, simple operation
System composed
The unit for chilled water circulation system, multiple Hermetic scroll compressor refrigeration cooling system, stainless steel high-pressure multistage pumps with the Mitsubishi inverter combined into chilled water supply system. The cooling tower, cooling water pump combined into a cooling water supply system.
○ towers and chillers called the cooling water cycle, this cycle is tap water cooled chiller heat;
○ chiller water tank for the inner loop, this cycle of pure water, chiller water storage tank water down to 18 ° C; temperature difference of 0.1 ° C (thermostat technology uses German technology).
○ storage tanks MOCVD external frozen water cycle, this cycle for pure water, high pressure water pump to the tank 18 ° C

Water to the MOCVD equipment by precision filter after the 23 ° C water out from the device back to the storage tank, the water pressure into the MOCVD equipment required constant at 4.5bar, the pressure can be adjusted through the control panel settings value.
Circulating pump 3. Cooling water, and other accessories, external circulation pumps, cooling towers, cold water storage tank, inverter, point pressure transmitter, high-precision filter.
: Constant pressure water supply works:

1 constant pressure water supply system for the outer loop pressure controller panel set point pressure (the water pressure value before the device), using two pressure sensors (feedback 4 ~ 20mA) detection of water pipes in pressure, the pressure sensor after the signal into the the inverter PID loop PID loop processing, sends a water increase or decrease the signal to control the speed of the motor to adjust the water pressure value.
2 such as access to two sets of MOCVD pressure controller PLC will automatically calculate the point pressure average of 2 sets of MOCVD, and then feedback to the inverter 4 ~ 20mA PID loop, as far as possible into the MOCVD the water pressure is the same, consistent with the actual water pressure to the set pressure.
Set value and the actual value of production deviation ± 0.2bar water pressure is constant in the allowed setting range (± 0.2bar).
When the two sets of MOCVD influent pressure is too high or too low, the pressure bypass system piping into automatically adjust the flow of water that enters the water pressure to the set pressure MOCVD actual consistent with the use the reduction of water, the inverter automatically reduces the output frequency, to achieve the purpose of energy saving.