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Constant temperature and humidity

LOUDA Selection of constant temperature and humidity requirements:

1, the air space of the industrial production relative humidity and temperature control precision at the same time demanding optional industrial temperature and humidity air-conditioning products.
The series unit setting range: temperature 16 ~ 28 ℃ ± 1 ℃, relative humidity of 40 ~ 70% ± 5%
3, to determine the nominal amount of wind

Circulating air volume based on the volume of the space to deal ventilation frequency and space unit of time, the choice of industrial temperature and humidity of air conditioners rated air flow must be greater than the amount of circulating air.

Determine the load of cold, hot and wet

Indoor and outdoor ambient air parameters, the fresh air as well as maintenance of the structure formation conditions cold, calculating the processing space heat load and wet load
5, to determine the basic model

a rated air flow to meet the requirements, but the cooling and heating load can not meet the requirements should be based on the hot and cold load selection;

rated air flow to meet the requirements, and also meet the requirements of cooling and heating load selection should be based on the rated air flow.
Determine condensation

a, the air cooled applicable at the water shortage in dry areas, install and easy to use, widely used, pay attention to the space around the outdoor unit should be 1.5m above

rich, water-cooled applicable water quality is good, easy to install cooling water systems occasions, users will be required with the cooling water system.
7, to determine the air supply structure type

a front blower type suitable for medium and small area processing space, built-in high efficiency fan unit, easy to install;

b, top air supply suitable for medium and large processing space, the crew built-in high static pressure fan, direct Jiefeng governing the handling of the blast;

c pipe DC blower suitable for large area processing space unit Ministry of built-in fan, need to focus on by the user reprovision wind chassis and sent back to the duct to send
8, needed by the users of the following requirements when ordering instructions

a computer centralized control or remote monitoring;

the unit shape by the special size requirements;

need to set aside the fresh air inlet;

d, the compressor in the outdoor unit.
9, and other special requirements of industrial temperature and humidity of air conditioning products

a special environment type available beyond the normal requirements of industrial environmental temperature and humidity constant temperature and humidity air-conditioning products (such as low temperature constant temperature and humidity, high temperature constant temperature and humidity, low humidity constant temperature and humidity, etc.);

b, new wind patterns can provide fresh air to deal with industrial temperature and humidity air conditioning products;

c, explosion-proof explosion-proof treatment of industrial CRAC the proof grade E × dmeibllBT4;

d purifying provide the of various the purification grade processing industry CRAC products;

The e, roof type can provide roof industrial CRAC products, its installed position in the outdoor roof through the duct to focus on air supply;

f, environmentally friendly working fluid type constant temperature and humidity of the industrial green refrigerant R407C and R134a air conditioning products;

g, steam heating, the humidification can provide a steam heated, humidified industrial CRAC products;

h, heat pump heating provides a constant temperature and humidity of the industrial heat pump heating air conditioning products;

i, "tailor-made" all special requirements of non-standard products over industrial temperature and humidity air conditioning products, performance parameters and Dimensions are not included in the sample, Welcome user technical inquiries.