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Refrigeration industrial dehumidifier

LOUDA industrial grade cold dehumidifier introduced

    The new Wind dehumidifier professional optimized cooling systems, to yield reliable dehumidification mode and advanced integrated control concept, using a large number of new materials, new technologies and new techniques, the superior performance of the indicators.

The unit can be used in all outdoor fresh air, is a DC air handling system. Mainly for the need to introduce a large number of new wind but do not want to increase the air conditioning space is cold, the place of the moisture load, and requires the unit within a very wide range of the temperature of the new air can be accurate control of the dry-bulb and dew point temperature of the wind. Apply to the new air dry bulb temperature of 15-35 ° C, dew point temperature above 12 ℃, relative humidity less than 90% of the environment. In order to adequately deal with outdoor air, the unit uses a small air volume enthalpy difference "design philosophy, compared with ordinary dehumidifier units with the same amount of desiccant air volume is only about one-third of the ordinary dehumidifier, multi-row deep structure evaporator design to ensure that the air handling requirements

LOUDA industrial grade dehumidifier product advantages:
1. LOUDA industrial grade dehumidifier uses a new generation of golden hydrophilic Aluminum, degreasing, antifouling ability, so that the dehumidifier heat exchange rate improved significantly to ensure lasting efficient dehumidifier. Voltage protection function: in the refrigeration system, the refrigerant with a long run of the compressor, and the continuous consumption, if the lack of refrigerant in the compressor is running would result in damage to the compressor. Thereby; voltage protection function can be consumed in the refrigerant (refrigerant) to a certain case, automatically stops the operation of the refrigeration system, so as to achieve the protection of the compressor will not be damaged.
2. The key components of the refrigeration system selection of brand-name products, plant operation, low noise, small vibration, high efficiency, low failure rate, long service life. Refrigeration compressor with Japan's Mitsubishi, Daikin flexible scroll compression large unit Hanbell, Bitzer screw compressor, reduce the wearing parts than piston compressors, fluid resistance; using imported heat exchanger heat exchanger processing equipment is carefully manufactured, high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure; stable performance.
3. Unit dehumidification capacity, high operating efficiency, with high and low pressure, antifreeze, anti-frost, overload protection, undervoltage and reverse voltage protection multiple security devices, and a number of fault display function, safe and stable operation; main electrical control the Delixi components, temperature and humidity sensors using the Japan SHINYEI sensor and automatic control of the machine running, easy to operate.
4. The compact unit frame structure, piping layout is reasonable and orderly, and the overall effect is excellent; relatively independent of the structure of the air system and cooling system, ease of maintenance.
Industrial grade dehumidifier Application:
Paint room dehumidifiers drying - smooth surface does not crack and stable quality
2 computer rooms and laboratories dust dehumidification, swimming pool dehumidification
Storage of electronic devices, instrumentation, semiconductor, optical instruments, precision machinery, Bank votes library or other needs dehumidification space
Food, chemical, fertilizer plants, printing, medicine, wood, furniture, paper, polyester fiber, etc. need to dry the air occasions
Hospital: CT Division, pharmacies, warehouses, Department of Pharmacy, CRDA and other places dust dehumidification
6. Factory warehouse, production workshop dust dehumidification; electronic products, raw materials, dry storage