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Rotary dehumidifier


LOUDA wheel dehumidifier

 LOUDA dehumidification equipment wheel dehumidifier products include: a variety of specifications of the standard, energy-saving, low regeneration temperature type, low dew point type standard rotary dehumidifier and modular desiccant wheel units to meet any application environment and air parameters requirements, temperature and humidity control; the dehumidification equipment custom Gechongfeibiao the same time according to user requirements;

LOUDA dehumidification equipment, desiccant wheel Overview:
    Adsorption Rotary dehumidifier in LOUDA its remarkable energy-saving and environmental advantages has been recognized as one of the technology of choice for the 21st century alternative to CFC's compression refrigeration dehumidification. Aircraft can be rapid, simple and effective to reduce the air humidity, and effective solution to room temperature and low humidity, low temperature and humidity can not be done with other freezing methods dehumidifying areas, especially in combination together using the processed air dew point of up to -70 ° C or less: and low grade thermal energy use of industrial waste heat, waste heat, solar, natural gas to renewable energy sources, environmental pollution, low energy consumption. Widely used in food, medicine, electronics, electrical, chemical, defense, printing and other industries humidity requirements. Adsorption Rotary dehumidifier will play its unique advantages in the region of high temperature and humidity, can bring huge economic benefits for the enterprise.

LOUDA wheel dehumidifier Features:
1. Efficient super silica gel desiccant wheel, high efficiency, process air inlet dry bulb temperature may be below 0 ° C, relative humidity range: 1% to 100%; while processing low temperature and humidity can not handle the cooling and dehumidifying air; dew point temperature can be done to -80 ° C DP;

Electric heating and steam heating regeneration heater for steam heating significant savings in operating costs.
3 against the cold bridge aluminum frame, floor stainless steel plate, high pressure foaming area filled by high-density polyurethane, making the unit small size, light weight.
4. Modular combination, can be easily and quickly installed.

Imported patented products 5.LOUDA dehumidification equipment rotary dehumidifier wheel selection, dehumidification capacity, high efficiency; specially designed sealed system more effectively to ensure the overall dehumidification capacity; wheel can be washed in order to remove some of the dust, oil, etc. ; its life as long as 10 years.

6.LOUDA dehumidification equipment rotary dehumidifier carefully designed within the framework of the structure and the high-pressure polyurethane foam double insulation panel, insulation and has anti-cold bridge measures can be freely combined with air-conditioned box; specially designed sealed structure and The special structure of the access door to ensure that the unit is air leakage rate is low; high-strength steel frame to ensure that the unit is no distortion in the high positive and negative pressure operating conditions;
7. Optional more powerful PC / ECS automatic control systems, as well as remote network centralized control system to improve the reliability of the equipment.
A desiccant wheel segments (including drying runner regeneration fan regeneration heater regenerate the filter and regeneration valve)
2. Handling the fan section
3 table cold section
4 after table cold segment
Handling wind Coarse filter segment
6. Processing wind high efficiency filter segment (optional)
7. Mixed air section
Electrical control panel (box)
Runner is divided into the isolation region of the two 3/4 of the absorbent area and 1/4 of the regeneration zone, the process air passes through the absorbent zone when its desiccant moisture absorbent, the process the drying air into the interior fan. The same time, the reverse direction fed to the regeneration air (steam / oil / electrical heated) to be regenerated in the regeneration region on the wheel, the wheel absorbed moisture is discharged in the form of steam. hour wheel driven by the drive motor 8-14 continuous operation, is absorbent and regeneration of the runner continuous turn degrees
Power for three-phase 380V/50Hz
Crew the wind out of the residual pressure ≥ 300P
Renewable electric heating and steam heating two optional For steam regeneration, the need to provide 0.4Mpa steam
≤ 7 ℃ chilled water required
The unit new wind added value ≤ 30%, new wind parameters: T = 35 ℃, RH = 65%