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Beehive the runner mold addition to Lu machine

LOUDA The honeycomb mold defogger in machine introduced

LOUDA series of cellular Die In addition to Lu machine applications:

- Stable production conditions optimized to improve product quality and production efficiency to important, LOUDA series mold Defogger machine is the most effective solution to remove mold on the condensation energy efficient, can make a mold of the degree of drying line with production requirements.

- The use of injection molding for solving the problem of the plastic molding, shorten the molding cycle and the quality due to the use of the chilled water for rapid cooling the mold to produce a mold surface of condensation, especially suitable for in-mold labeling of injection molding, PET Preform .

- When the mold surface temperature is lower than the dew point temperature of the ambient air around the mold, the ambient air will produce dew.

- Mold surface condensation phenomenon will affect the product quality and production efficiency, but also corrosion mold, the product itself and the surrounding environment and cause pollution.

- Using honeycomb desiccant wheel dehumidification operating mold of dry wind energy output to reach low dew point of less than -5 ℃ to ensure the the mold surrounding environment always maintain a low dew point air state, the surface of the mold does not produce condensation, nor because of the weather changes in temperature affect production, so as to enhance the quality of plastic products, to ensure all year round, efficient productivity.

 LOUDA series of cellular machine mold Defogger reliable characteristics:

- New Honeycomb and environmental protection and energy saving design, the dehumidification drying performance is extremely stable.

- Product quality and avoid being affected by the impact of the mold surface condensation moisture.

- To extend the life of the die, in addition to low product defect ratio.

- No need to solve the overall production workshop production environment.

- The accuracy of P.I.D temperature control system.

- The regeneration temperature setting and the actual operating temperature is displayed in real time.

- Return air temperature cooling and filtering capabilities.

- Over-temperature, power reverse, motor overload safety protection.

- Using advanced new Honeycomb and environmental protection and energy saving design, molding difficult to overcome traditional hive, easy to wear, deterioration fast shortcomings.

- Outlet using the optimized design of the cooling device, to ensure that the lower temperature of the drying out of the wind, enhance Defogger effect.