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Refrigeration mold Defogger machine

LOUDA refrigerated mold Defogger Machine Products

LOUDA mold Description: In addition to Lu machine equipment

LOUDA addition to Lu machine injection machine mold with a device to tie. The main function is to control the injection machine mold around air humidity, such as air humidity is too high, and will lead to the mold surface condensation, so that the finished surface of the water droplets marks footprint surface affect the finished quality, it takes special except that Lu machine control temperature and humidity stability, in order to maintain the quality of the finished product.

(1) This device Preform Injection Molding Machine ancillary equipment.

(2) this device unit blower connected to the mold and in addition to Lu machine.

(3) the air after the addition to Lu machine evaporator and condenser processing of dry cold air, through red blower continued transported to the mold surface condensation and mold cooling does not produce condensation water droplets.

(4) except dew principle: the compressor refrigerant supplied to the evaporator to cause the endothermic, the air through the evaporator, the water molecules to condense on the evaporator, separating the dry cold air and the evaporator, and then increase to an appropriate temperature, conveyed to the mold interior, continuing through the blower in order to achieve the effect of defogger