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Flooded screw unit

LOUDA full of liquid screw chiller Products
LOUDA series of water cooled screw flooded chiller wide range of uses:

    Central air-conditioning systems for hotels, hospitals, stadiums, hotels, entertainment centers, commercial buildings, office buildings and other places to provide cold water or process chilled water for the textile, chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, plastics and other industrial and mining enterprises, the product manufacturing technology is mature stable and reliable operation.

Technical Features

1, the state-of-the-art semi-hermetic screw compressor
International state-of-the-art semi-enclosed twin-screw compressor, through slide valve to achieve a multi-stage or stepless adjustment smooth adapt to changes in the air-conditioning load, high efficiency oil separator and compressor built-separation rate of up to 99.7%, the differential pressure oil, no oil pump, oil supply, safe and reliable guarantee mechanism for long-term safe and stable operation, long service life.

Two energy-saving
1, the unit uses a PLC control technology, changes in user load demand through intelligent control, multi-level energy regulation makes the unit can reach the best EER at full load or part load, and reduce operating costs.
2, it can provide multi-level (0-25% -50% -75% -100%) and stepless energy adjustment method for you to choose.

 3, efficient flooded evaporator, so that the cop the value of the more traditional dry-type evaporator greatly improve operating costs savings of 15-25%;

Three intelligent control, easy to operate
1, the unit uses a PLC control technology, the "key to power and fully automatic operation;
2, using the touch-screen human-machine interface, easy to operate;
3, the remote monitoring function: the unit control system built-in WEB browser users through the INTERNET network on any computer can the operational status of the remote monitoring unit and the operating parameters of the inquiry unit.

Over four-level warning, prevention and protection functions
Crew all use a numeric variable, variable trends early warning, prevention, only when necessary to protect
2, the protection of a fully functional: high / low voltage protection, low oil level protection, high exhaust temperature protection, water system shut-off protection, frost protection, lack of power (inverse) relative to the protection of security features to ensure the unit stable, safe.

Five heat recovery
According to user needs, increase the heat recovery function: to meet the cooling at the same time take advantage of partial or full recovery of the waste heat of the heat source side, use two-way side and the heat source side, to improve the operating conditions of the unit, improves unit efficiency, greatly reduces the running costs of the unit.

Six high efficiency and high reliability of the flooded evaporator
1, further optimization of the temperature field and the refrigerant flow field distribution, more efficient heat exchanger;
2 enhancements required to nucleate boiling heat transfer tube outer wings design vaporization core, improve the efficiency of the tube heat exchanger;
3, the heat exchange tubes within the loin design, increasing the heat transfer area to improve the efficiency of the heat exchanger tube, increased disturbance laminar flow becomes turbulent delay scaling;
4, the unique design of the tube bundle elastic supporting, greatly reduce vibration, completely eliminate the possibility of cracking of brass;
5, grooved tube sheet hole design and advanced expander technology, thereby obtaining a reliable sealing structure, completely avoid the possibility of water infiltration refrigerant shell.

Seven reliable and state-of-the-art electronic expansion valve throttle control technology
Automatically calculate the best exhaust superheat target value and quickly adjust the actual value, further optimize control logic;
2, the electronic expansion valve more precisely adjust the refrigerant flow and the changes in the liquid level of the evaporator;
3, part load efficiency of the unit always maintain the highest wider operating range.

LOUDA flooded chiller technology parameters: