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Water-cooled screw chiller

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Screw chiller

LOUDA chiller is a refrigeration equipment to provide chilled water to apply to use the occasion of the central air-conditioning systems and industrial processes require chilled water, has been widely used in hotels, office buildings, hospitals, shopping malls and other large and medium-sized central air-conditioning system of the building more suitable for the production and processing of non-ferrous metallurgy, chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates, petrochemicals, grain and oil, food, machinery, pharmaceuticals, electronics, air separation process cold source.

LOUDA series industrial screw refrigeration units can provide 0 - 125 ° C refrigerant and 5 ° C -20 ° C chilled water can be used for the different needs of different production processes on the temperature of the refrigerant carrier.

Heat recovery unit increase in the standard based on a patented poly thermal technology, the full recovery of the sensible heat of the compressor discharge, so that the equipment can not only meet the needs of the cold source, but also to provide additional high taste hot, supply domestic hot water and heating with hot water.

Second, the design features

* Independent refrigeration system design, multi-head unit is relatively independent, to a minimum of moving parts, reliable operation

* Use imported efficient and economical semi-enclosed twin-screw compressor, high energy efficiency and reliable operation, long life

* Refrigeration system compressor under minimum load (25%), the star turn triangular buck starts, which effectively reduces the starting current and * the impact on power.

* Can adjust flexible design allows the unit continuity between 25% -100% of energy regulation (stepless adjustable), compressor performance full play to help users maximize the operating cost savings

* High-precision large-screen touch screen or text display, industrial grade intelligent controller and advanced computer control system, fully digital Chinese character display, multiple control functions can be realized through standard interfaces connected to external devices, remote users and the control room.

(1) Multiple protection features: compressor discharge overtemperature, motor over-temperature, cold water antifreeze temperature protection: overcurrent, phase failure, the inverse equal electrical protection: refrigerant system high and low pressure, oil level, without water and other very state protection

(2) the above protective function may be provided in the necessary alarm, prompts, recording, retrieval and maintenance management function

(3) Automatic Switcher automatic unattended operation management, scheduled work plan

(4) Multiple password is set, to ensure that the equipment will not cause downtime or damage due to accidental factors

(5) through LAN or INTERNET Internet remote data acquisition, running checks and control, fault diagnosis and management functions

* Use of international famous brand expansion valve, filter cartridge, check valve control components, to ensure efficient and reliable units in a wide range of use conditions in the work

* Double loop coupled with energy efficiency refrigeration ways to improve the unit's ability to work and energy efficiency

* Applicable to a variety of environmentally friendly refrigerant working fluid such as HFC134a, HFC407C meet the environmental requirements of the international community

* Comprehensive testing and full load running test qualified products by the manufacturer with a refrigerant factory equipment in the water, electricity boot can place

* Compressor equipped with a patented exhaust air grievances, to ensure low noise operation of the unit

* Full use of the low-temperature cooling water, a significant energy saving, and the unit take full advantage of the cooling water of as low as 15 ° C, to obtain significant energy savings

* Heat Recovery uses patented poly thermal technology, the summer heat recovery amount up to 30% -40% of the cooling capacity, industrial chillers winter when the amount of heat recovery up to 75%

Third, the unit features

LOUDA series industrial screw chiller has completed in the factory refrigerant piping connections, leak test, charge and nitrogen pressure holding test, the charge the fluorine full load performance test, qualified products meet the requirements of industry standard.

Screw refrigeration compressor * internationally famous brand screw refrigeration compressor, the United States and European patented technology

* The third generation of the most advanced line of efficient 5:6 asymmetric tooth screw

* Semi-closed design, only three moving parts, with a small number of parts, the characteristics of the low failure rate

* Grading or stepless energy adjustment control flexibility, energy efficiency and easy maintenance

* Multiple choice of world-famous SKF and FAG zero clearance thrust and radial bearings, structural precision, high reliability

* Double three-dimensional oil separation filter, oil filtering effect, effectively guarantee the normal work of the compressor and heat exchanger efficiency heat exchanger

* Use the the no pump built-in differential pressure lubrication system, energy-saving, efficient and reliable

* Dedicated resistant fluorine low iron loss motor design, equipped with a reliable motor overheat protection device to work effectively to ensure efficient and reliable motor

* Injection system equipped with a liquid refrigerant for low temperature and heat conditions, effectively reduce the work load and the exhaust gas temperature of the critical components, to improve the reliability of the operation of the compressor

* The patented exhaust chamber design and rotor continuous gas supply, to ensure the compressor low vibration, low noise

* Exhaust port install exhaust check valve prevents rotor reversal shutdown

Condenser water-cooled condenser: cleaning the outer diameter of 19mm enhanced heat transfer tubes (the internally finned outer rib), expanded joint in the tube plate, the water side design pressure is 10bar the fluorine side design pressure of 25bar, and equipped with a safety valve, and to ensure the safety of the device.

Evaporator: dry-type direct expansion evaporator fluoride strengthen the flow of heat exchange tubes inside of the water side design pressure 10bar; the fluorine side design pressure 25bar. Evaporator outsourcing 10mm thick soft closed cell sponge rubber insulation material, to effectively prevent the heat transfer of the evaporator and the room outside air, and reduces the energy loss.

Electric Control: unit start-up and control all components are installed in the electrical control box, and complete functional testing by the factory wiring. Electrical control include: touch screen, Siemens PLC controller, main contactor, molded case circuit breakers. The equipment individually with emergency stop device, to ensure the safety of the operating personnel.

Water flow switch: equipment factory is equipped with two target type flow switch, suitable for cooling water and chilled water piping to ensure automatic shutdown of equipment without water or water shortage.